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✓ professional legal translations, business translations, tourism translations and real estate translations, by Martine van Krieken-Boersma, BA, LLM, PhD, experienced lawyer and translator


sworn translations (official translations or certified translations) 

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Sworn translations

What are sworn (or certified) translations? Sworn translations are also known as certified or official translations.

Legal translations

As an experienced lawyer, I am proficient in legal terminology. I know how important it...

Business translations

Flawless and easy-to-read texts give your company an advantage at home and abroad. So a good...

Tourism translations

As a great lover of Spain and a traveller, I enjoy working for the tourism sector. Do you work in the tourist industry and do you need...

Real estate translations

Are you a real estate professional, e.g. a lawyer, real estate agent, gestor or property developer? If so, I would be happy to help you...


Would you like to conquer the Dutch market with your website? Make your products or...