Legal translations

Juridische vertalingen copy

Legal translations

As an experienced lawyer, I am proficient in legal terminology. I know how important it is to use the right terms in a contract or court document That is why I enjoy helping other legal professionals, companies and individuals with legal translations. I have a great eye for the smallest detail and for me, a deadline is a deadline. You can have the following documents, among others, translated from Spanish and English into Dutch, or vice versa:

  • Contracts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Summonses
  • Applications and petitions
  • Other procedural documents, including statements of defence, records, trial briefs, appeal documents, judgments and decisions
  • Witness statements
  • Notarial deeds
  • Private instruments
  • Employment contracts
  • Collective labour agreements
  • Personnel manuals
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Divorce agreements
  • Wills
  • Articles of association of private limited companies, public limited companies, foundations and associations
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Criminal files
  • Tax returns

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